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6 Apr

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Dr. V. A.  Kumaraswami

Do the decisions you take give you both ‘success and peace?’

Do you want to make the ‘right’ decisions ‘always’?
Do you dislike managerial jargons and confusing theories?
Do you want to read the ‘authentic’ and ‘reliable’ work of a true scholar?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” read further……….

Today, we live in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and chaos. Technology and changing relationships create modern dilemmas. Business leaders and individuals are finding established concepts and practices “inadequate” in taking right decisions! Motivational gurus and management experts are increasingly borrowing from ancient scriptures to cope with modern challenges in business management and life in general.

We have often seen that even scholars provide wrong interpretations of scriptures and misguide readers due to lack of adequate knowledge of Sanskrit language, inability to understand and analyze mythological characters and relevant contexts correctly. Ironically the scriptures have not been researched properly to answer the most fundamental critical question: “What is the enduring method to guide us in taking right decisions consistently?.”

“Inspired Decision-Making for Success and Peace” distills the essence of the scriptures and identifies the ‘key’ to ‘right’ decision-making. Elaborate, unbiased analysis and adaptation to modern context is the USP of the book.

Leveraging his profound knowledge of Sanskrit language, coupled with over four decades of research expertise, the author (Sanskrit scholar) of over twenty books has skillfully analyzed the scriptures, and presented the best method for ‘right’ decision-making. If you are looking for a book that serves as an eternal guide for ‘simple but profound and correct’ analysis, this is the right one for you! Grab this book, and you will realize you have already taken the ‘right’ decision! And, are truly on your way to taking more such ‘right’ decisions!

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Heart Vs Mind

4 Apr

Why doesn’t the heart, always listen to the mind?

To the mind’s logic, is the heart blind?

Why does the heart, always think of the past?

While the mind, into the future, zooms fast!

Why does the heart become, so weak?

When the mind is, at its peak!

Why do emotions, in the heart, keep churning?

When the mind, for those emotions, stops yearning!

Why does the heart, always want to be pampered?

While the mind, doesn’t want to be tampered!

Does the heart, ever think?

With the mind, does it have a link?

The mind knows not, how the heart feels!

The way heart feels, to the mind, it seldom reveals!

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



2 Apr

Of pain, why am I, so fond?

With pain, do I have, an unbreakable bond?

My own pain, why do I enjoy more?

Unlimited pain, my heart has learnt, to store!

Pain gives me, so much pleasure,

That even joys, can’t match this treasure!

Pain has made me, so strong,

Now, I can bear pain, however long!

Pain has made me wise,

When pain comes, I no longer close, my eyes!

Pain has introduced me, to reality,

Which I have been avoiding, what a pity!

Now, I welcome pain, with both arms,

And happily embrace it, sans any qualms!

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



2 Apr

How quickly, does life change!

Life sometimes, seems strange!

Life plays, with us, such a game,

It renders us, at times, lame!

Our own experiences, become life’s lessons,

Difficult it is, to comprehend, life’s essence!

Life puts us, to many a test,

But always gives us, what is best!

Than life, there can’t be a better teacher,

For humans, and for every creature!

When life teaches, everyone learns,

Because, to live life fully, everyone yearns!

Life knows our purpose, on this earth,

It’ll decide our death, when it has decided our birth!

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved