11 Mar

It is so tough, being a man,

And, not as easy, as drinking Complan!

Men have to balance well, both family and work,

Amidst destiny, playing its quirk!

For women, work[1] is just an ‘option,’

But for men, they are an ‘absorption!’

Men slog, whole life, for their “bosses,”[2]

Until they are reduced, to carcasses!

Between home and office, men are sandwiched,

Against ‘unfair’ opponents, they are ‘pitched!’

Life for men, is a constant struggle,

They want to cry, but they just giggle!

For men, life is worse than a battle,

Happier than men, are even the cattle!

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Implies Professional and not domestic work.

[2] Includes Professional and Domestic boss (i.e. Wife)

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