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30 Jul

Sometimes, love, why do we fear?

Why does love make us, shed a tear?

Is love meant to give us, joy or pain?

By giving pain, what does love gain?

Does pain, in love, ever go in vain?

Or, does it make us, wise again?

Does pain in love make us fear love?

Should we allow it? Think for a moment, now!

Does love kill a life, or save?

Is one lost in love, a coward or brave?

Can love kill one, who is dead?

Once lost in love, to love again, why do you dread?

Love is a saviour, but also a killer,

In love, pain acts as the real pillar!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

Haunting Love & Daunting Marriage!

29 Jul

By love, why do I always get haunted?

The very thought of marriage, makes me daunted!

Is love a pressure, or pleasure?

Is marriage a liability, or treasure?

In the beginning, love seems so sweet,

But after marriage, it turns on the heat!

Does love keep growing, or with time, wane?

Is love before marriage, a boon or bane?

Does marriage shackle you, or liberate from every bond?

Of this answer, everyone will be fond!

Is marriage a necessity, or convenience?

Does marriage bind, or offer any lenience?

Love and marriage, are beyond my comprehension,

Of these words, never again, I want to hear, even a mention!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


29 Jul

By you, I’m so bewitched,

I love you, even after you ditched!

My love for you, none can ever gauge,

It never wanes, but only multiplies, with age!

Of my profound love for you, why’re you so oblivious?

Please don’t treat my true love, as frivolous!

In return for my love, from you, nothing do I ask,

Love is a sweet and enjoyable pleasure, never a task!

My love for you, why’re you unable to feel?

The wounds inflicted by love, only love can heal!

Has love, to you, become redundant?

But, love can never be enough, even if abundant!

I only hope, my true love, one day, you understand,

And walk with me, throughout my life, hand-in-hand.

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.