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15 Jun

My dreams of love, you shattered,

My broken heart, you battered!

You took me for a love ride,

While my feelings for you, I couldn’t hide!

You perched me atop love’s Giant Wheel,

And pulled me down, before I could say, how I feel!

You showed me a state of love ecstasy,

When I desired it, you said, it is just a ‘fantasy!’

My feelings of heart alternated, between love and despair,

You spurned my love, and put it beyond repair!

I thought, your love, would resuscitate me from death,

But, for the umpteenth time, love again stifled my breath!

Can love ever bestow joy? I wonder!

If it can’t, then love is god’s biggest blunder!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


13 Jun

With my feelings, you played,

With love, my heart, you flayed!

For my true feelings, you showed disdain,

You continued to batter me, even after I was slain!

You encouraged my love aspiration,

And then, quietly led me, to its expiration!

You made me think, you had a heart of gold,

But, I knew not, to someone, your heart, you had already sold!

Love, I thought, was a rare blessing,

When I presented it to you, away did you fling!

I thought, of love, you were an Angel,

But my heart, with yours, could never gel!

With love, I thought, I would be elevated,

But, my heart and the love of my life, it deracinated!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


10 Jun


Inconsolably, I wanted to cry,

But suddenly, my tears went dry!

In love, I had always lost,

But my tears, too, refused to be steadfast!

With tears, my room, I wanted to flood,

But in place of tears, came out blood!

Blood was flowing like a stream,

I lost my voice too, and couldn’t even scream!

With hands, I wanted to gesticulate,

But apoplexy struck me; see my fate!

I lost all my mental and physical senses,

And became oblivious of all the tenses!

Only with my life, I was left,

But, what was life, with hope bereft?




© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



6 Jun

Allow me to love you, and

Be with you, everyday.

Care for me, every hour, and

Don’t leave me, even in my dreams!

Embrace me with such passion,

For, all I want is just your love.

Germinate my love, when it is dead, and

Harness it, even after my death!

Ignore me never, even for a second!

Just be with me, until my sorrows and joys end.

Keep me away from loneliness,

Love me for what I am, and

Make me a part of you.

Night or day, always give me company,

Only you, anywhere I will accompany.

Past, present, or future – I see only you!

Quietly in my heart, you’ve captured a permanent place,

Rarity it is, to find someone like you, these days.

Show me the way to eternal bliss,

Teach me how to live, when something I miss!

Understand me with all your heart,

Very often, I fear, from me, your may part!

Waiting I’m, for you, to love me eternally,

Xerophobic is my heart feeling, in love,

Yearning for you and your love, now!

Zenith of love, I want to experience with you, forever!

NB: The above poem is an abecedarian poem, i.e., which has all the elements of the English alphabet in order. This is my first attempt at writing an abecedarian poem.


5 Jun


In love, why do we feel the pain?

It scars the heart, and leaves behind stain.

Does pain make us really wise?

Or, cuts the feelings of our hearts to size?

Does love soothe, or make us uncouth?

Love is for the old, and the youth!

In love, why does the heart waver?

Anything else, except pain, does the heart favour?

Why do tears run down, like rivulets of blood?

Not just the heart, the entire soul, they flood!

Are love and pain Siamese twins?

Are they the heart’s two greatest sins?

If at all, love ever yields bliss,

I’ll be so unfortunate, that I’m sure to miss!





© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



3 Jun


Of late, more than god, of you, I think,

More than water, my own tears, I drink!

Will I get you, or will I miss?

Will you truly understand me, or take me amiss?

Will you take pride in being my better-half?

Or, at my unprecedented love for you, scoff?

My obliterated love, will you resuscitate?

Or, just consign it to fate?

The deep scars of my heart, will you erase?

Or, leave it alone, to develop into a maze?

Your love has come, as a glimmer of hope,

I wish, it doesn’t turn, into a rope!

Your love, my heart wants to embrace,

If it can’t, can there be a better disgrace?





© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.





3 Jun

My heart, love has again filled,

But in love, I’m the least skilled!

The love of my life, will god now bestow?

Or, will love turn out to be, my greatest foe?

Love seems sweeter now, after a failure,

Will ‘this’ love make my life endure?

Will love this time, act as nectar?

Or, decay, my heart’s every sector?

The ‘ways of love,’ to me, seem inexplicable,

It evaporates as quick as it begets, like a bubble!

I wish, love, I could capture,

And make my heart, enrapture!

But, alas! Sometimes, love seems wishful thinking,

Love, in my heart, hasn’t yet started sinking!




© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.