Archive | May, 2009


29 May

Of love, are you an apostle?

Or just an imaginary castle?

Of love, are you an embodiment?

Or just, an accompaniment?

The true values of love, will you uphold?

Or prove to be copper, in the guise of gold?

The feelings of my heart, will you reciprocate?

Or with the effluxion of time, allow it to abate?

Will you be by my side, in times, turbulent?

For me, are you truly meant?

My pain, will you alleviate or aggravate?

Will you save me from doom, or seal my fate?

No more pain can my heart, now bear,

If it does, it will be beyond repair!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



29 May

Poor I am, in matters of the heart,

Teach me how to, and how not to, part!

My heart, once love’s rampart,

Is now, torn apart!

My heart is smarting from acute pain,

In love, except heart-break, nothing did I gain!

There is a deep rupture in my love relation,

Causing neither me, nor my sweet-heart, any elation!

My heart is so very fragile,

It can break at the touch of guile!

Why did I inherit a heart so weak?

With such a heart, love, can I ever seek?

The strength of a chain is in its weakest link,

In such weakness, will my heart thrive or stink?

© 2009. P.  Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.