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28 Feb


Doth love make you strong, or weak?

Doth love, someone’s life, also seek?

Doth love make you forget, or recollect, the past?

Doth love heal, or open up, wounds, vast?

Doth love give you a feeling of hope, or despair?

Doth love break hearts, or also repair?

Doth love spread joy, or gloom?

Doth it lead to boom, or doom?

Doth love secure the future, and the present?

For what purpose is it meant?

Doth love exonerate one, from all sins?

Doth love also lose, or always wins?

Is love today, a reality?

Or, is it just, a charity?



© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.



27 Feb



Is love a bond, or just a feeling?

Can love give only pain, or also healing?

For love, everyone does yearn,

Oblivious that it can also burn!

Everyone wants love to adorn the heart,

But, why does my heart want it to depart?

Are love and I not made for each other?

In love, have I reached the end of the tether?

Everyone feels love is a treasure,

But, why do I feel, it is just a pleasure?

Has love taken leave of my heart?

And flung it, far apart?

For everyone, love is a  genesis,

But, alas! For me, it became a nemesis!



© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


26 Feb


Into my life, why did you enter?

You caused turbulence, instead of being a mentor!

I became a slave to my emotion,

And throughout, you made me harbour this notion!

You showed me a love castle,

But, all along, it remained to me, a puzzle!

In love, my faith, you entrenched,

And, in despair, my love, you drenched!

You showed me the gateway to Paradise,

But, I realized it was hell, in Heaven’s guise!

I sunk deeper into the hell,

The more I extricated, the forceful I fell!

Love, I realized, was no more a blessing,

Any moment, it can decimate you, with its sting!



© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.