Vocabulary for I-CET

21 Jul


  1. Appertain = be a part of; pertain to; belong to; relate to.
  2. Abnegation = self-denial; disavow; renounce.
  3. Alleviation = to make less severe; to reduce; mitigation; palliation; reconciliation; mollification; appeasement.
  4. Attribute = to put blame on; to assign a cause or reason for something; accredit; impute; ascribe.
  5. Bias = showing special favour towards someone or something; partiality; penchant; slanting or inclined in direction or course or position.
  6. Bizarre = unusual; strange; unreasonable; outlandish. (A man biting a dog can be called as “bizarre”).
  7. Covenant = an agreement; pact; deed; truce; deal; compromise; treaty; compact.
  8. Confidant = a person in whom you confide or trust; a person to whom you reveal your secrets. (Feminine of this word is “Confidante”)
  9. Credulous = ready to believe; believing; gullible; naïve; unsuspecting. (Another word for this is “Schnook” which means one who can be cheated easily).
  10. Disseminate = spread; distribute; disburse; permeate; diffuse.
  11. Doting = loving excessively or foolishly; adoring; fond of.
  12. Erstwhile = former; previous; earlier; ex.
  13. Equity = the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it; conformity with rules or standards; fairness; justice; impartiality.
  14. Enigmatic = strange; mysterious; puzzling; bewildering; occult.
  15. Epitome = a standard or typical example; essence; archetype; paradigm; prototype; quintessence; personification; embodiment.
  16. Flagrant= shamelessly bold; egregious; impudent; chutzpah; impertinence; effrontery.
  17. Hiatus = a long gap; schism; break; respite; reprieve; abatement; suspension.
  18. Incongruent = not congruent or similar or corresponding; dissimilar; unequal; heterogeneous; disparate.
  19. Impetus = drive; thrust; force; propel; push.
  20. Miniature = something small; little; microcosm; meager; scanty; exiguous.
  21. Niggardly = petty in giving or spending; stingy; miserly; parsimonious; frugal; economical; thrifty; Spartan (People in Sparta are known for their thrifty nature, hence the word ‘Spartan’).
  1. Notional = a notion; fanciful; imaginary; speculative; ideational.
  2. Omnipotent = all-powerful; Almighty; supreme; insuperable; indefatigable; indomitable.
  3. Panacea = a cure for all diseases; elixir; antidote; therapeutic; theriac; pharmacon.
  4. Potable = that which can be drunk; drinkable; fit to drink.
  5. Preclude = prevent; thwart; forbid; foreclose; forestall.
  6. Precocity = early development of intelligence; acumen; perspicacity; sagacity; acuity; wisdom; far-sightedness.
  7. Recycle = to use again; re-use; re-process.
  8. Surreptitious = secretive; clandestine; underground; undercover; furtive; stealthy; sneaky.
  9. Serendipity = chance discovery; fluke; good luck; good fortune; a stroke of luck.
  10. Sultry = characterized by oppressive heat and humidity; humid; extremely and unpleasantly hot; torrid; stifling.
  11. Surmise = guess; assumption; speculation; supposition; inference; conjecture.
  12. Sycophantic = trying to win favour from influential people by flattery; flattering; flunky; obsequious; bootlicking; fawning; toadyish; servile; slavish; servitude; cringing; crouching; deferential.
  13. Syndrome = a pattern of some symptoms indicative of some disease; a complex of concurrent things.
  14. Tardy = slow; lethargic; torpid; otiose; languid; sluggish; lassitude; torpor; slothful; inert; dilatory; procrastinating; lazy.
  15. Tenuous = weak; flimsy; thin; slight; enervate; emasculate.
  16. Testimony = something that serves as evidence; a solemn statement made under oath; credentials; averment; assertion.
  17. Ubiquitous = present everywhere; omnipresent.
  18. Urbane = sophisticated; chic; classy; stylish; cultivated; matured; refined; polished; svelte; gracious.
  19. Venal = capable of being corrupted; bribable; corruptible; dishonest; purchasable.


I-CET-2008 Questions in English Vocabulary


  1. Insouciant = indifferent; unconcerned; nonchalant; apathetic; heedlessness.
  2. Euphoric = extremely happy; elated; ecstatic; blissful; rapture; excited.
  3. Sacrilege = disrespect to God, religion, and holy things; blasphemy; irreverence; impiety; profanity.
  4. Trenchant = having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect; clearly or sharply defined to the mind; distinct; clear-cut; penetrating; incisive.
  5. Craggy = rugged; rocky; mountainous; hilly; rocky and steep.
  6. Rendezvous = a meeting planned at a certain time and place; meeting place; get-together socially or for a specific purpose.
  7. Foibles = a behavioural attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual; idiosyncrasy; mannerism; eccentricity; fault; shortcoming.
  8. Parsimonious = excessively unwilling to spend; frugal; economical; niggardly; miserly; Spartan; penurious; thrifty.
  9. Circumspect = cautious; careful; discreet; alert; chary; wary; heedful.
  10. Paranoid = insane; a person suffering from paranoia, i.e., mental disorder or a psychological disorder characterized by delusions.
  11. Parochial = narrowly restricted in outlook or scope; insular; narrow-minded.
  12. Parasitic = relating to or caused by parasites; having the nature or habits of a parasite or leech; living off another; bloodsucking; leechlike; epenthesis.
  13. Pensive = persistently or morbidly thoughtful; brooding; contemplative; meditative; pondering; ruminative; musing; reflective.
  14. Providential = peculiarly fortunate or appropriate; divine intervention; heaven-sent; miraculous; divine.
  15. Raucously = in a rowdy manner; rowdily; loud and rough; rude and violent.
  16. Rapaciously = in a rapacious manner; excessively greedy and grasping; devouring or craving food in great quantities; voracious; ravenous; predatory; raptorial; esurient; edacious; vulturous; wolfish.
  17. Ravishingly = in a ravishing manner; stunningly beautiful; delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration.
  18. Ravenously = in the manner of someone who is very hungry; extremely hungry; famished; voracious; rapacious; starved; ravening.
  19. Conscientious = characterized by extreme care and great effort; arising from the sense of right and wrong; scrupulous; moral; punctilious; meticulous.
  20. Intrigue = cause to be interested or curious; fascinate; a crafty and involved plot to achieve your (usually sinister) ends; scheme; connive; machination.
  21. Wanton = lewd or lascivious woman; a person who enjoys sensuality; occurring without motivation or provocation; waste time.
  22. Aloof = remote in manner; solitude; reclusive; ascetic; hermit; cloister; shut away; distant; far-flung.
  23. Turbulent = characterized by unrest or disorder; tumultuous; disruptive; troubled; riotous; disturbance.
  24. Elation = a feeling of joy and pride; great joy; exhilaration; high spirits; ecstasy; bliss; rapture; jubilation; excitement.


Compiled with help from T.I.M.E. and OU website.


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