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Marching Orders

29 Apr


I always obey all his orders,

And never try to transgress my borders.

But, he always treats me as toxic waste,

Probably, I think, that is his taste!

His attitude is so domineering,

When I stand before him, I lose all my bearing.

He feels, ‘he’ can ‘never’ make a mistake,

And, whatever he gives, I have to take.

He sits right in front of my nose,

And still, doesn’t know his foes.

He thinks he is too smart,

When I tell this to my colleagues, they fart.

He is my boss, and he gave me marching order,

I retorted, either he or his mind is in disorder!




© 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

The Loss of Boss

29 Apr


He is never satisfied with my work,

Though my duty, I never shirk.

I carry out all his instructions,

But, he always causes me obstructions.

I have never heard him praise,

He becomes violent, when I ask for a raise.

He always tries to steal my thunder,

He wants me to own, when ‘he’ commits a blunder.

About me, he talks so ill,

His position, none could fill.

All my ideas, he tries to scuttle,

He thinks only ‘he’ is strong, and I’m brittle.

He is none but my boss,

Not dumping him would be my greatest loss!



 (C) 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved