My Favorite Books

3 Feb

The following are some of my favorite books:

  1. Discover Your Destiny – Robin Sharma
  2. The Greatness Guide – Robin Sharma
  3. Who Will Cry When You Die? – Robin Sharma
  4. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  5. The Broken Wings – Kahlil Gibran
  6. Dhirubhaism – A.G. Krishnamurthy
  7. The Present – Spencer Johnson
  8. Who Moved My Cheese? – Spencer Johnson
  9. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale
  10. Courage and Confidence – Norman Vincent Peale
  11. The Be-Happy Attitudes – Robert Schuller
  12. Another Word A Day – Anu Garg
  13. The High Performance Entrepreneur – Subroto Bagchi
  14. The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki
  15. Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work – Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
  16. A Word A Day – Anu Garg
  17. The Invisible CEO – A.G. Krishnamurthy
  18. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
  19. Siddhartha – Herman Hesse
  20. Mega Living! 30 Days to a Perfect Life – Robin Sharma

One Response to “My Favorite Books”

  1. Duddella Radhakrishana Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 02:00 #

    Hi Mr. Mohan!

    Just stumbled on to your web space while I was searching for a good photo of Lord Balaji. You have an impressive list of books mentioned here. I would also suggest that you read one of my favourite books by Mitch Albom, “The Five People You meet in Heaven”. I am sure you will find it very interesting.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Duddella Radhakrishana

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