The Miracles of Panchamukhi Vinayaka

6 Jan

Lord Vinayaka, is universally considered – and irrefutably so – as the eliminator of all obstacles. Lord Vinayaka has many names – Ganesha, Ganapathi, Vignaraja, Gajanana, Ekadantaya, Lambodaraya, etc. Before beginning any auspicious or noble work, people worship Lord Vinayaka to ensure that the task at hand is completed successfully without any hurdles. The Hindus, especially, cannot think of any occasion or festival when they don’t worship Lord Vinayaka!  

Lord Vinayaka has a special and powerful place in Hindu mythology among several gods. Just thinking of him brings several benefits to the devotee or worshipper, at all times. He is considered as the “God of Gods.” Just one single-headed elephant god can bestow umpteen benefits on the worshipper. But, imagine, if you were to worship a five-headed elephant god – the Panchamukhi Vinayaka! The benefits are multiplied five-fold, literally speaking. In fact, the effect of Panchamukhi Vinayaka is so profound and irrevocable that all the statisticians, quality gurus, physicists, or economists of the world would not be able to measure the benefits or its effect exactly, or even remotely! 

I had read in ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper sometime ago that placing Panchamukhi Vinayaka facing East, either in your home or office, would work wonders and eliminate all kinds of obstacles to success in life. I scouted for Panchamukhi Vinayaka’s idol in several shops, but in vain. Then, I tried searching it on the Internet, and fortunately found one! I got it printed and laminated immediately, and placed one each in my home and office facing East. The miracles that happened later are no small wonder, and are a testimony to the presence of God in this world and to the unflinching strong faith of humans on God! I bear live witness to the many miracles of Panchamukhi Vinayaka in my life. The difference was clearly visible within less than a week! Let me narrate a few incidents that happened to illustrate the powerful and incontestable effect of Panchamukhi Vinayaka. 

One day, one of my colleagues borrowed a 1 GB pen/flash drive from me, saying he would return it in a couple of days. But later, when I wanted it back, he told me that he had lost it. I became tensed because it was an official property. He apologized for the inadvertent loss, and said that he would replace it with his personal pen drive the next day. I prayed to Panchamukhi Vinayaka, and the next day, my colleague came to me with the original pen drive that I had given him earlier, saying that he found it in his home. I was a picture of relief and joy, and thanked Panchamukhi Vinayaka for relieving my stress and worry.

In another incident, as an Editor – Communications, I was looking for an art (a sketch or painting) to be published on the back cover page of a magazine. I had solicited students’ contribution, but none was forthcoming, as the students were busy with their classes, assignments, preparations, etc. I was discussing this issue with my immediate boss as to what sketch or painting could go into the back cover page, but the issue remained unresolved. Moreover, we were hard pressed for time, as the issue date was nearing. Just after my boss had left, a student entered into my cabin and said that she would be interested in contributing a sketch for the back cover page of the magazine! And, she did submit it to me the very next day. I was truly amazed, and attributed this to the many miracles of Panchamukhi Vinayaka. What I was looking for came looking for to me instead! Isn’t this truly a miracle? 

In yet another incident, it was getting difficult for me to squeeze more pages for accommodating an important cover story article in the magazine. I had already edited the article from the original 7000 words to 3500 words. I had to further reduce it to about 2000 words. I couldn’t edit the article further, as I felt that the essence would be lost. The pages allocated for that article were only four, while I had before me 3500 words! Moreover, I had to accommodate some space for photos and introduction about the writers too. All this was getting very tough like a tightrope walk. I turned to Panchamukhi Vinayaka and just prayed to him to solve my impasse. I had (and will always have, as He is my most favourite god) full faith on Him, and knew that He would come to my rescue, always. And, He did! Later, when I was re-working the pages one day, I found that I had calculated the pages wrongly and had three full extra pages! I was truly very relieved again and thanked Panchamukhi Vinayaka for his yet another miracle! I also discovered a fact that the stronger the faith you have in Him, the more things happen in your favour! 

I also gave picture of Panchamukhi Vinayaka to many of my colleagues and they came to me narrating incidents about how the God worked wonders for them, too! My sincere and humble request to all the readers who BELIEVE in GOD is to keep a photo of Lord Panchamukhi Vinayaka facing East, in your home or office. You will see the wonders and surprises of the God happening to you too! May the Lord Panchamukhi Vinayaka bless you all with lots of success, joy, good health and peace.  

© 2007. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved. 

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  1. nanditaprabhu Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 00:10 #

    I have a site in wordpress which is all about Ganesha, I have tried my humble best to add some features about Ganesha. I have no financial gain from this blog whatsoever. My only idea is to write about the Lord as much as possible so people can read and gain his blessings.
    I read your post Ganesha’s miracle. I wanted to add your experience in my blog, can I include it ? Pls let know
    My site

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