Is Practice Really So Tough?

6 Jan

Why don’t we practice truth, honesty, and frankness in life? Is it so difficult to practice them? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ then, does it mean that we should stop practicing something if it someone. You are then no longer trustworthy in their eyes. And, even if you tell a truth later, the other person will be less likely to believe you. Trust can surely be broken at will, but cannot be earned at will. Trust is a journey, not a destination. You keep on is difficult? Isn’t earning money difficult? Do we then stop earning money? On the contrary, we try harder to earn more and more money. Why can’t the same be true of values, too? If we find some value difficult to practice, then we should try harder to cultivate and practice it, rather than discarding or ignoring it.  

Moreover, sometimes, values cannot be flexible to suit our convenience. For instance, you cannot be honest with your wife, and dishonest with your boss. You cannot be frank with your friend and diplomatic with your client. There are no two rules for values. What is honesty and truth to you is also the same to others. But, that doesn’t mean that values are rigid. Values need to be adhered to all the time and are not meant to be broken. Once you break a value, then you break the trust of building trust gradually, but one small foible can collapse the entire structure built by hard work over the years. And, trust is the foundation of any relationship. When the foundation gives in, then the entire structure built over it also razes to the earth. 

© 2007. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved. 

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