Love Labyrinth

31 Dec

by P. Mohan Chandran  

You showed me love and its various hues,
In all its splendor, forcing me to muse.
From love, I always wanted to run,
But, around me, an amorous web, you spun.
Love, I thought, would cause me heart-burns,
But, for more love, my heart now yearns.
I always associated love with melancholy,
But, you taught me it was my inveterate folly.
The very name of love, would put me off,
But, from you, I learned to respect it, and not scoff.
Love, I thought was truly great,
Alas! It’s always crooked, but never straight!
Love, I thought, my life, would change,
But, beyond my comprehension, it is still strange! 

(c) 2007. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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