A Silent Battle

30 Dec

by P. Mohan Chandran  

Oh, Mr. George Bush!
Out of this world, terrorism, you want to push!
In this war against terrorism, you are not alone,
With you is every nation, against such attacks, who are prone.
Hitherto, to India’s concerns, you were completely deaf,
But now, ignoring our pleas, yourself, you cannot bluff.
You understood our trauma, only with it, after you were struck,
But, it’s glad you’ve realized, and are displaying your pluck.
Terrorism cannot be extirpated in a short span,
Nor can it be obliterated, by just killing ‘one man!’
It is a long and gradual process,
Let us all fight it out silently, without creating much fuss.
This battle will cost us all, very dearly,
But, let us not think of the cost, and fight it merely.
This is a battle really worth waging,
Achieving victory, all anti-social elements, by upstaging.
Let’s not give up once we have made a start,
Whatever be the outcome, let us put up a brave heart. 

(c) 2006. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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