A Despicable Weapon

30 Dec

by P. Mohan Chandran  

To fight a war, terrorism is not the proper weapon,
Even the innocent get killed, leaving alive, none.
By creating terror, one cannot force upon one’s will,
Terrorism is internecine, and will lead everything to a standstill.
Terrorism is an act of a coward,
A disdainful way of capturing attention, and making oneself heard.
Terrorism in any and every form, should be viewed with scorn,
Any person, who professes it, into smithereens, should be torn.
Terrorism is an evil and also a sin,
Through terrorism, no war, can you ever win.
Terrorism will never get you what you desire,
It’ll only add more fuel to fire.
Terrorism is a denunciatory and dastardly act,
The only anti-dote for this is to sign a peace pact.
Terrorism will always be condemned by one and all,
It cannot cause any gain, but can only lead to a great fall.  

(c) 2006. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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